Nuo Chen is a menswear student from Parsons School of Fashion. Nuo’s graduate collection is an homage to the migrant workers who dedicate themselves to the development of a city they don’t even belong to.

I was inspired by the many Chinese artists like Ai Weiwei and Xubing who moved to New York during the 80s to pursue the freedom of speech and creating arts. I was specifically inspired by a photo series taken by Ai Weiwei which he documented the authentic & everyday scene of himself and friends in New York. I was also inspired by the song and experience of Patti Smith, the poems by Dylan Thomas. All these things provide me energy and guide me to continue pursuing what I dreamt about.” – said the designer

Design/styling: Nuo Chen
Photographer: Hailun Ma
Hair: Akira
Make-up: Seiya
Model: Vlad, Dwyer (d1modelnyc)