New York City-based fashion label Montmartre is made up of the duo Hayley Champoux and Yuki Yagi, who became close friends during the course of their respective lives in New York. The duo embarked on creative entrepreneurial pursuits following Yuki’s return from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, gaining experience which they would ultimately parlay into the development and launch of Montmartre.

I was inspired by the book Massive Change by Bruce Mau to start this brand. I started thinking about how design can change the world, and I wanted to create stuff by mixing the stuff I think is cool with words and statements that deal with current social issues.” – said Yuki

From NEET(Not in education, Employment, or Training) to Depression, there’s a lot of problems that were surrounded by. It may be yourself or your peers that have these problems but once you take these views from a more “positive aspect”, I think that things can be changed. I feel like I’ve experienced and seen these problems from a close-up and I want to help out for the people because I have been helped out by so many people throughout my life.”

Photographed by Adrian Lozer
Styled by Yuki Yagi