A backstage view shot by Oriane Verstraeten introducing designer Igor Dieryck (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp) and his ‘Duty Calls’ new collection.

My collection is called ‘DUTY CALLS’ and is about power, and more specifically political power. The whole collection is based on an analysis of how power is reflected into a garment. The questions at the origin of my creation was: “Does this garment give me power? And if so, how?” I myself am passionate about geopolitics. So for me, this theme is a way of linking my interest in the contemporary world with an historical (garment-based) research of people in position of power though the 20th century. – Explain Dieryck.

Designer: Igor Dieryck @igordieryck
Photographer: Oriane Verstraeten @orianeverstraeten_
Light assistant: Mattias Battalé @mawbau
Video: Charlotte De Greef @charlottedegreef
Model 1: Ramy M Fouad @ramymfouad
Model 2: Theotim Leclerc @theotimleclerc
Model 3: Exaucer Ntela @exaucer.ntela
Brands: Atelier Vona @ateliervona