PRISMA is introducing EREVOS, a new menswear collection. Inspired by the Greek god of darkness, Erebus, the brand is all about dark colors, distorted fabrics, and a touch of mystery.

The EREVOS collection starts with simple, clean-cut items in black and gray. It’s the basics done right, with a subtle edge. The collection gets a little playful with materials that have a slight shimmer, adding a dynamic touch. A mesh top with shorts is a key look – it’s easygoing with a hint of something different.

The collection also includes some unexpected designs. Think jackets with a unique collar or an interesting cut – nothing too out there, just enough to keep it interesting. It’s about combining a bit of order with a dash of the unexpected.

As the collection moves forward, the designs become a bit more pronounced. You’ll see some oversized items and clear contrasts that make a statement without going over the top. EREVOS is about exploring new styles in a subtle way. Each piece shows that style doesn’t have to shout to be seen.

Check out the campaign images below:


Photography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr
Geeo Gan @geeogan
Giorgos Malammas @giorgos_malammas
Anestis Vasileiadis @anestis_vas
Creative Director: Billy Hazel @billyhazel