You are the people you hang with. Edu and Lola are Dito Collective, a new brand from Spain presenting their first capsule collection.

“When we wanted to present Dito Collective AW’21 to all of you, we were very clear about what we wanted to do with this jump. We wanted our collection to have the roots of our main fundamentals when it comes to dressing. We, creators of this autumn / winter collection, define ourselves with the purity that each garment carries. We like the trend, but at the same time, timeless clothes. Opening a closet at home and being able to rescue a woolen sweater from our parents.

We wanted to teach the classic cut and embroidery as well as mark comfortable and relaxed fits that would reflect the movement of the personality that each of you has when wearing that garment. This is our collection, pure cotton that becomes textured and molded over time.”