Adam Katz Sinding photographed by Victor Jones (@imvictorjones)

Don’t call him Adam Katz, he wouldn’t answer.

Adam Katz Sinding (aka Le 21ème) is young, talented – very talented – and shy, despite all appearances.

His photography is elegant and personal and his worldwide success is a strong proof of this. He never stops, catching instants from a fashion week to the other, working hard day and night and, sometimes, showing off to some fancy party. His strong personality, that we tried to capture through our questions, stands out clear from his very first answer.  He does not have time for fun but, from time to time, he steals a couple of days from work to enjoy Copenhagen with friends or come back home to his mother’s cooking.


Can you describe yourself using 3 words?

Neurotic, meticulous, addicted.

You have many cameras. Which is your favorite, the one you cannot live without?

My Nikon D4S is the bread and butter.  The rest are just toys for “fun”.

The photo you have taken that represents you the most?

I would like to think all that I post represents me…however, maybe it’s only my own perception.  But when I sort through my photos before I share them I say to myself “This one is really me.” and then I select it.

What’s a photo for you?

A capturing of a singular moment which poses and answers questions at the same time.

If you weren’t a photographer?

I’d probably still be working in hotels.  I did that for about 10 years and loved it…but it would be tough to go back.

Which is the message you want to convey with your visual work?

Same as above…I just want to show people the feeling and mood of what it’s like to be at these events I attend.  Express some sort of emotion if I can.

What does make a subject interested for you to be photographed?

No clue…something that cannot be described.  Some sort of inner energy which is displayed in a non-tangible way.  Who knows, I just see it and press the fucking button.

Best subject ever?

EVER?!  Man…  Julie Pelipas, Isabelle Kountoure, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Natasha Goldenberg, Freja Beha Ericksen, Aymeline Valade, Ada Kokosar, Christine Centenera, Larissa Hofmann, Markus Ebner, Paul Boche.  It goes on forever.

Your are always travelling, from a fashion week to the other. Favorite FW so far? And, why?

Paris and Copenhagen.  Why?  They yield the best photos and are amazing cities.

Yours is expressly not a “fucking street style blog”. Your personal opinion about blogs and bloggers?

I just dont like the commercial aspect of “blogging” and the word “blog” is so fucking ugly sounding.  There are many “bloggers” (yuck) who I love to shoot and who I hold in high regard, but I just don’t really like the self-exploitation of the whole thing.  Maybe I’m just jealous?

Why a photographer? Maybe you could have been a writer instead.

I prefer to take a photo and convey a message without words.  If I wanted to add my own voice I would perhaps write, however, I think this is too selfish and vain.  I am not interested in promoting myself through my photos, only to show people what is happening where I am.  Actually no, not where “I am” but simply what is happening.  I should be not seen as part of the equation, I think.  The photo should have nothing to do with me..

Which is the relationship between photography and art in your opinion?

Photography is a form of art.  My photography is not art.  Mine is documentary at best.  If I wanted to be an artist I’d buy some brushes and I’d paint.  I’m not an artist.  I’m a creep outside the fashion shows chasing 16 year old models for 500 meters to get a photo before they run away from me.

You studied Art History. Who’s your favorite artist of all the time? Why?

Ugh…superlatives.  Ummmm…  Monet?  Chagal?  Duchamp?  Lucien Freud?  Rothko?  I dunno, I hate these questions…it’s impossible.

What cannot lack in your life?

I cannot live without constant stimulation and change. I am very stuck in my ways and extremely stubborn so the only way I can be inspired or motivated is to have my environment constantly rotating around me in order to keep my interest.

Where’s home?

I live in Williamsburg and Amsterdam (as of recently)

You seem always very disappointed out there. What does make you feel happy? And, on the opposite, what angry?

I try to remain a pessimist in order to keep working hard.  If I stand there all day thinking my photos are shit I will keep running to get more photos.  If I am positive and love what I’ve made already, I’ll just go home and rest on my laurels.

What do you like the most about yourself? And what you don’t, at all?

My hands.  My feet (yuck).

Do you lie often?

No.  (Do you trust me?)

A happy memory?

Any time I am in Copenhagen with my friends.  Or when I’m back home in Tacoma, Washington, and my mom gets me fat(ter)

Something you can never give up on in your life?

Travel.  Wifi.  Hummus.

If, one day, someone dedicated a street to you, what would you want to be written on it? “Adam Katz Sinding, ...”

“He just wanted to take a decent photo”

Last but not least, what is really “fucking young” for you?

Anyone born after 1983.