I want Rococo with a spot of Gothic in it and a bit of Buddhist temple.”

Henri’s oil paint, Fauvism. Diana Vreeland, fashion editor and goddess, supported and promoted, throughout her illustrious career, Valentino Garavani. The fashion emperor sojourned in Barcelona, where he saw Bizet’s “Carmen”. The set, costumes and atmosphere fascinated Valentino, who felt the desire to build his vision on the dominant colour. Garavani mixed his own shade, giving birth to “rosso Valentino”. Vreeland looked resplendent in a custom-made charmeuse tunic. Andy’s acrylic paint, Pop art. A blushing sky leaves agony behind, predicting spring’s blossom.

Craig Green Spring/Summer 2016

Craig Green, conceptual young designer, ironically reflected on workwear and sportswear, in a colour explosion: fluid silhouettes, layer upon layer, symbolic details.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2016

Louis Vuitton’s embroidered red satin shirt artfully represents a voyage to 1950s America.

J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2016

J.W. Anderson, innovative young designer, offered a idiosyncratic notion of “masculinity”, playing with space and time: a collection of patent leather shoes brought “The Wizard of Oz” to life.

The coming season is about embracing courage, strength, confidence. Marina’s blood, Performance art. I feel like bursting into flames. I feel like burning and shining. I feel like revealing fragile fears.

All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red.” – D.V.