Welcome to the fiery depths of hell, where the devil is up to no good, but who’s watching anyway? HOSOI wants to take you on a wild journey to the underworld with their latest capsule collection, DIABLO, inspired by fetishism and kink, and brought to life by illustrator Luis Bardot.

These clothes are meant to be worn, danced in, sweated in, and yes, even smelled – that’s how hot they are!

HOSOI is the brainchild of creative directors Israel Cascón and Andrés Sierra, who bring a fresh perspective to the world of design and architecture with their prints and provocative artistic expression. With their own prints and 100% Spanish production, HOSOI stands out as a unique and energetic brand, unafraid to break free from traditional genres and labels. So come on down to hell and let HOSOI show you how to have a devilishly good time!

Take a look at the collection below:

Photo: Adri Quesadha
Model: Sergiodebravs
Illustration: Luis Bardot