For Spring/Summer 2024, Henrik Vibskov and his team found inspiration in the world of boxing, merging it with the concept of literal card boxes. These boxes, akin to vessels, cradle and safeguard precious items for a limited time, mirroring the ceaseless flow of moving boxes.

Captivated by this notion, the team delved into the essence of boxes themselves—the meticulous art of packing goods, the thrilling uncertainty of sending and receiving packages. As their exploration unfolded, they expanded their focus to encompass all the diverse forms of boxes that surround us. Humans possess an innate inclination to categorize and make sense of our environment, often compartmentalizing things in our minds. Thus, the theme evolved to center around the unveiling of both the physical and symbolic boxes we inhabit, brought to life within an actual boxing ring adorned with the evocative imagery and iconic elements of the sport.

Take a look at the collection below: