A group of skateboarders from Hélas traveled to Morocco to explore its emerging skateboarding scene and culture. They chose Agadir, a city with a rich history and a diverse landscape, as their base and source of inspiration.

The team immersed themselves in the local life, mingling with the people, admiring the colors, patterns, and symbols that characterize Moroccan culture, and finding spots to skate and film. They also drew inspiration from the Moroccan influence that has shaped the south of France, where Hélas originated.

The collection featured pieces that combined functionality and style, such as the “Polo Club” Knitted Polo, the “Mirage” Knitted Sweater, and the “Raid” High Zipped Collar Hoodie & Pant Jersey Set. The collection also showcased the fusion of Moroccan and skateboard cultures, creating a unique and modern aesthetic.

The team collaborated with local skaters, such as Otman Talà, Badreddine Lababsi, Ayoub Hraim, and others, to capture the spirit and warmth of Morocco. They filmed in various locations, such as Soul Al Ahad, a popular market, Devil’s Rock Beach, a surfing spot, and the Ait Mellou breakage, a scenic viewpoint.

Check it out below: