Gucci W.O.M. Night arrived to Barcelona to burn the city

It’s been a few days ago, but people can’t stop talking about this night, this party. Mystery surrounded this event over a week when the guests received the save the date on their phones without much additional information. Just the day before, each guest had to pick up his bracelet at an Antique Shop in the center of Barcelona’s Eixample and only a few hours away from the event, the guests got to know the secret location for the party. The instructions were easy: no one without a bracelet could go inside the event. A party hosted by Gucci, that before arriving in Barcelona, has passed by cities like Zurich or Moscow. Finally, the legendary gay club METRO hosted the event where the cool kids of the Catalan capital couldn’t stop dancing to the music of The Black Madonna, Yall and Marc Roca.

Where will be the next #GucciWomNight??

Pictures by Pablo Escudero & Abel Bueno