Gucci will present its Spring/Summer 2025 men’s collection at the Triennale Milano on June 17. This event marks a new chapter for the brand, showcasing the latest designs by creative director Sabato De Sarno.

The Triennale Milano, much like London’s Tate Modern, is a place where art and culture come together, sparking new ideas and conversations. It’s a space that celebrates the freedom and diversity of artistic expression, something that Gucci values deeply.

For nearly a century, the Triennale Milano has been a key cultural institution, focusing on design, architecture, and the arts. It’s a beloved landmark in Milan, representing the city’s rich design history and its status as a global cultural hub.

The building itself is a standout piece of modernist architecture, reflecting a thoughtful approach to space and function. Over time, it has become a place where innovation and technology meet the social aspects of art and design, mirroring the real-world engagement found in De Sarno’s collections.

By choosing this venue, Gucci is not just showing off its new collection; it’s also celebrating Italian heritage and the vibrant culture of Milan.