Powered by creativity and collaboration, Gucci is reducing its environmental impact and protecting nature, while also prioritizing inclusivity and respect, so that everyone in their global #GucciCommunity is free to express their authentic, diverse selves.

As the brand approaches its 100th anniversary, they are moving forward into the coming decades with an ongoing commitment to reinforce their culture of purpose, demonstrating their values through innovative pathways towards social and environmental sustainability.

Gucci Equilibrium unifies the principles they uphold and the actions they pursue to treat our world and each other better, for our collective future.


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Yesterday, Gucci has launched a new Instagram profile dedicated to sustainability and has updated the website of its Equilibrium initiative in order to reaffirm its commitment to generate positive changes for people and the planet. In addition to other initiatives promoting lasting social impact and environmental stewardship, Gucci also released the results of its 2019 Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) report, reflecting a significant reduction (-21%) in its overall impact on the environment. environment compared to last year.