The centenary, for me, represents an opportunity to bear witness to the eternal vitality of Gucci, which year after year is reborn, renewed, reestablishing an unusual relationship with the contemporaneity of when one was a child, eternally young, observing the world with a vision. powerful. I recognized the manifestation of his youth for having intercepted and traveled, for a hundred years, popular culture in all its forms. Above all, in music: the only medium, apart from fashion, more reactive towards the times that are transformed and mark the new, the today, the now.”  – Alessandro Michele.

Conceived as a tribute to celebrate the centenary of the House, Gucci 100 manifests a deep connection between two universal languages, the language of clothing as an expression of personal identity, and the language of music, which recalls a collective memory. It all starts with reflections on a number: 22,705. This is the large number of songs in which the word “Gucci” is mentioned in the lyrics from 1921 to date according to Musixmatch, the music data company that manages the world’s largest music lyrics archive and has collaborated with the Maison for this research. “This is not a revisionist attempt to search the past: in any case, mine is an ‘inverse’ revisionism of the history of the House, strung together again by a note, a melody, a chorus penetrating. Also because, if I had to describe Gucci, for me he would be an eternal adolescent who spends his time in places where music is heard and performed“, continues Alessandro Michele.

Ready-to-wear garments and accessories feature the Gucci 100 logo or are adorned with verses from the three songs chosen by Alessandro Michele from the countless themes that mention the brand: “Music is Mine Gucci Seats Reclined” by the song “The R” (1988) by Eric B. & Rakim, “This One’s Dedicated To All You Gucci Bag Carriers Out There It’s Called You Got Good Taste” from “You Got Good Taste” (1983) by the rock band “The Cramps” and “And The Men Notice You With Your Gucci Bag Crew” from “Fuck Me Pumps” (2003) by Amy Winehouse.

Jazz, Psychedelic, Japanese Punk, Disco, Hip Hop, Afrobeat: these genres serve as a musical backdrop to a century-long journey in which a cast of characters move through an evolution of sounds, harmonies, movements, tastes, and styles. Filmed by Joshua Woods under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, the campaign channels the love of life itself, the pleasure of warmth, the beauty of dance, the overwhelming energy of music, the thrill of performance. Images that manifest, through their “analog” charm, Gucci’s desire to express optimism and the pleasure of dressing as a shared moment of joy and fun.