Two years after Makeo launched its digital platform, the business is growing with a physical space in the heart of Barcelona. Makeo is a second-hand online store (and now physical too), created by Eme Rock and Roberto Piqueras where you can find a selection of cool streetwear garments. Their goal is to make a reinvention of the thrift shops and vintage with a contemporary look. And yes, that part has already been achieved. They want to make their customers conscious about sustainable fashion, global environment, and street culture.

A new space in which they are surely preparing some surprises, cultural events, exclusive clothing selections and… what more? We throw him some questions during the opening. All the images were taken yesterday by Lluis Artus.


It seems like a joke, but it’s been over two years since the project started. What has changed since then?

Basically nothing changed except we just translated an online concept shop to offline.


Does the Makeo manifesto remain the same?

We like to think so, but the project it’s growing at the same time we learn about the fashion industry and the sustainable options we have access to. But what still it’s at Makeo‘s core is the idea of providing to our customers’ product that it is been used locally and give it another chance to extend their life.



Do you have something special prepared for the store, besides being able to talk with you face to face?

We are managing a few collaborations with artists and second-hand collectors to give a diversity experience through pop-ups & long term stock, but we would love to become a space open to suggestions and be able to create community and be able to share knowledge with them.


What does Eme Rock say and what does Roberto Piqueras say inside Makeo?

We work every aspect together as a team, but Eme gets more responsibilities as a graphic designer & buyer and Roberto has a better role as a community manager & studio manager.



After two years, you will have finished with all the cool clothes around Barcelona…

We are not looking just for cool clothes, we create the image and the graphic language to give all kind of clothes a second chance not necessarily through the upcycling.


If you had to dress someone iconic in Makeo garments, who would it be? You can tag more than one …

Paul B. Preciados, Aaron Swartz, Cardi B, the pope and 007 (the fiction character)


Photographed by Lluis Artus

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