Get ready for one of the most downright-sadistic and warped impersonations of James Franco.

After releasing their debut music video ‘RAGS‘ directed by GORSAD who recently signed Ariel Pink’s Time To Live video, GOTHKING are back with a brand new video for their single ‘JAMES FRANCO’ directed by Brice Krummenacker and Fanny Schlichter. I don’t think even the best scientists could figure out what goes on in the directors’ mind. It shows the beauty in a demented life. Claustrophobic yet anarchic.

Anticipating their self-released debut EP ‘IN GOTH WE TRUST’ to drop by the end of this month, the Paris/London based trio establishes their very indiscriminate approach to music by exploring the boundaries of the genre both sonically and visually. The stylised visuals full of shishas, underground parking, and sneakers features not only several up and coming brands such as Neith Nyer, Token, OBERKAMPF, Vinti Andrews, Pawaka, Diana Law but also more established VANS, ALYX Studio, Lacoste, Adidas, and Nike.

DIRECTED & DOP BY Brice Krummenacker & Fanny Schlichter
PRODUCED BY Andriy Zozulya-Davidov
ART DIRECTION: Brice Krummenacker, Fanny Schlichter & Andriy Zozulya-Davidov
STYLING: Anna Barr
CLOTHES: Neith Nyer, TOKEN, Gola, Vans, ALYX Studio, BOYHOOD, Vinti Andrews, OBERKAMPF, Nike, Lacoste, Adidas, PAWAKA, Diana Law
CAST: Andriy Zozulya-Davidov, Nicolas Demay, Alex Molinier, Luc Bruyere, Liza Ostanina, Jon
K.Harker, Camille Naomi Delfs, Masha Zolina, Romain Lebeau, Clara Francese, Sema-Tawi Smart, Cypriano Masolini.
SPECIAL THANKS: GOTHFAM, Adrien Wend, Jon K. Harker, Le Carmen, La CLEF, Gisèle Lescuyer, Nadège Nez, La Fonderie, BERG France, Tine Kozjak, Stéphanie Veuriot, Autrement PR, Jin Joo Lee, Jesus and James Franco.