The latest edition of Paris Fashion Week was closed by none other than the duo of designers in charge of the creative direction of GmbH, who are also the founders of the brand themselves.

For a while, it is true, it has been in the background, but that is over now, as it is ready to offer the best again, as usual. The presentation event of the Fall/Winter 2024 collection took on a special significance, as Serhat Işik and Benjamin A. Huseby moved the audience with their speech about the terrible situation that unfortunately Palestine is experiencing at the moment and we hope it will come to an end as soon as possible. This issue affects not only them but the whole world, so it is important to stand together and do everything possible to stop it. Every action, no matter how small, contributes.

Serhat and Benjamin wanted to show their support and solidarity with the cause by wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh and taking inspiration from the country to develop their proposal, made up of more than 30 looks. Practically, in every one of them, you could see the influence that the theme above had on their vision of the fashion industry, fusing it with some of the brand’s hallmarks. As an example of this argument, one only has to look at looks number 1, 2, 4, or 6 (among others) to see that this is true since they made tailored jackets with the characteristic silhouettes and related them to the classic print of the typical scarf of Palestine.

GmbH’s iconic trousers with two zips down the front were also back on the catwalk, paired with white tank tops, or tight-fitting long-sleeved tops with cultural prints. This piece was also seen in different coloured leather and crocodile skin effect, referring again to the new masculine style that Işik and Huseby have been patenting since their beginnings, also seen in the asymmetrical tops or skirts.

The penultimate look of the line was an appeal to the peace that is so desired, and this was done through a total look in white composed of a marabou feather coat, that exuded sensibility, over a long coat of the same tone.

Paris Fashion Week is officially over and has ended in the best possible way, thanks to GmbH. Have a look at the Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: