In many ways, this collection is about a constant tension between two worlds. It’s about finding personal meaning in difficult circumstances; it’s about sincerity in what we do rather than strategy. We wanted to bring a sense of lived reality alongside precision, elegance, and extravagance in the clothing and looks. Ultimately, fashion for us is a way of being, feeling, and connecting rather than a game to be played. It’s almost like monumentalizing the everyday, filling it with emotion – like music you can wear.” – Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director, Givenchy

Bridging the classical, radical and practical, the silhouettes in this collection explore the tension between extravagance and discipline.

This is the first of Matthew M. Williams’ Givenchy offerings to utilize the show format, adding to the sense of drama and monumentalism in the clothing, yet never neglecting its distinct intimacy and its eventual relationship with the wearer. With an original score by Robert Hood, one of the godfathers of minimal techno and a musician profoundly linked with the sound of Detroit, Williams’ commissioning displays his American heritage as well as a purposeful, emotional bridging and connecting of continents and cultures through sound.