“Generation X is dead. It has come to mean anyone aged 13 to 55 years old.” – William Gibson (writer)

Do you all agree with Gibson? I don’t and not even Dorian Gray, founder and creative director for M1992. His SS19 is a “dystopian” tribute to the years between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of Arizona Dream with Johnny Depp in the theatres. It is a wild celebration of the clubbing allure of course but also of the “psycho” yuppies. The boys on the catwalk are the sons of Generation X, aware protagonists of a future from which they demand respect.

We met Dorian in the backstage in Milan and that’s what he told us…

What is M1992?

M1992 is a volatile code in which there is a strong respect for history and a great enthusiasm for the future. It is a neutral code from which many different identities of the same can come out.


Who is your ideal customer, if you have one?

Actually, there is not a typical customer. I would say he is a young creative.


The most representative item of this SS19.

The Hawaiian surfer shirt that is usually proposed with floral prints. We present a surfwear not strictly related to summer, vacation, and fun but rather to a dystopian beach, to a dystopian vision of the same: it’s a post-modern vision in which the sea is absorbed by pollution. It is a collection where yes, aesthetics are linked to the concept of pollution.

Another important item for me is certainly the jacket and I would add the rob-monteau. It’s a female garment that could often be seen in the Italian luxury ready-to-wear at the turn of the 80s and 90s, which is a sort of jacket/vest. Giorgio Armani was among the first ones to use it.


How was the collaboration with Premiata born? How do your and their aesthetics blend?

It was born thanks to Massimiliano Monteverdi who lives in Berlin and has a very trained sensibility that allows him to understand the possible synergies between established brands with a strong historical and qualitative DNA – for Premiata the one closely linked to manufacturing and high Italian leather goods – and brands like M1992 with an international appeal and – I think – with a strong innovative connotation. And this is the very element that binds the two brands because Premiata as well has always had an evident innovative push in its own work: in the use of materials, in the shapes, in the communication.

It is a project that was born in a natural way. The partnership gave life to a platform for men with a Goodyear sole that remind us of the imagination of a worker on the oil platform and, at the same time, of the anti-divas of the 90s: Johnny Depp, Marylin Manson, etc. Ours are technical shoes but in precious calfskin.

According to you, what is really FUCKING YOUNG! today?

I have known Edu, the founder, for a long time. For me F.Y! is among the new magazines has supported post-internet subcultures since the very beginning. He and his team were among the first to create, in the digital age, an inclusive platform for everyone. And I’m not just speaking about fashion but about events, aggregation, subcultures

Photos by Antonio Eugenio, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.