Songzio has unveiled its new flagship store, Galerie Noir, in the bustling heart of Seoul’s Dosan Park. This space is a fusion of art and fashion, reflecting the brand’s longstanding presence in the area since 1993, a time when the neighborhood was a hub for creatives.

Galerie Noir is more than just a retail space; it’s a canvas where Songzio’s fashion collections begin as artworks. Each piece of clothing is drawn from a painting that captures the season’s mood and inspiration. This artistic approach is what visitors experience at Galerie Noir, showcasing the journey from concept to final product.

The store’s name, inspired by the color black, encapsulates the depth and complexity of Songzio’s creative vision. It’s a color that signifies the brand’s expansive and intricate universe.

The design of Galerie Noir mirrors the brand’s creative philosophy of balancing order with disorder. The architecture is a blend of contrasts: symmetry meets asymmetry, light faces darkness, and classical elements are paired with avant-garde touches. These dualities are expressed through the building’s modernistic design, the selection of materials, and the interplay of light and shadow.

Drawing architectural inspiration from Stripped Classicism, the building presents a modern take on classical themes. Its bold black concrete exterior, punctuated by tall vertical openings, evokes the grandeur of classical columns while maintaining a contemporary edge.

Inside, the gallery hosts exhibitions featuring both internationally acclaimed artists and Songzio’s own art. It’s a place where the lines between past and present blur, and where Songzio’s various brands, including the flagship Songzio, the contemporary menswear line Songzio Homme, the youthful ZZERO, the all-season SSAW, and the collaborative Galerie Noir, all coexist harmoniously.

Check it out below: