Oakley, the brand that has been shaping culture with its innovative products since 1975, is ready to embark on a new journey. Future Genesis is the name of the brand’s latest project, which aims to reclaim its revolutionary spirit and create a better tomorrow based on its past principles.

Future Genesis is a radical change in the brand’s identity and direction, inspired by its own DNA. It will affect the brand’s storytelling and product development, introducing a new aesthetic and creative perspective. The project is led by Maxine Fearlight, the new face of Oakley.

Caio Amato, Oakley Marketing Manager, explains the concept behind Future Genesis: “At Oakley, we don’t believe in predicting the future, what we do is create our own. Oakley has always been known for creating its own vision of the future in everything it does, from products to the architectural design of stores. With Future Genesis, this narrative evolves to ensure we all dream the same dream. We have reinterpreted the story of Max Fearlight, our hero from the 90s, to create a new chapter in which Max will be forced to see the world through the eyes of his daughter Maxine, a very brave young explorer. The result is a fascinating new brand context, true to Oakley’s rebellious DNA, but seen through a protopic lens. Future Genesis is our ultimate platform for creating new products, new technologies and brand executions that challenge the status quo. After all, monotony is more harmful than ultraviolet rays.”

The first glimpse of Future Genesis can be seen in two short films that revisit the world of the original 1992 Oakley Max Fearlight film. The films feature a father-daughter duo, Max and Maxine Fearlight, who represent the connection between the past and the future and the protopic vision of the brand. Max is the protagonist of the 1992 film, who lived in a bunker and explored the unknown. He symbolizes the past, a dystopian scenario that influenced everything Oakley created. Future Genesis takes him on a transformation journey, as he meets his daughter Maxine, who is determined to create her own legacy. She symbolizes the future, a protopic dream that drives Oakley and its collaborators to create products that are like alien physics turned into art, and campaigns that look like they came from another galaxy.

The products featured in the films have a deeper meaning. Max wears the Medusa, a model from the brand’s legacy that has been redesigned as a digital concept to suit his role in a virtual world.The 13:11 sunglasses, inspired by the ones Maxine wears in the films, will be available in January 2024.

These films are just the beginning, as more will come in the next years to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary. You can discover the Future Genesis immersive platform at www.project2075.oakley.com.