Fresh Crisis is a London based artist who randomly decided to move to Tokyo. The music video was shot in random shops and streets in Tokyo. The video also features a special guest, his dog! Who is an imperative part of his life and he created a CGI of his pet that is seen all over the video joining him.

Prosper Hamilton or better known as “Fresh Crisis spent most of his time squatting in his apartment while recording for the EP in Western Tokyo, not in terms of his living arrangements but because he had to move into Tokyo’s lifestyle, which means not having any chairs available in homes or in apartments. Something that Prosper did not really think about before he decided to record music in Japan.

“On The Trail” off the upcoming EP Greatest Hits, due April 19 on NFNF, a fairly new label that is run by Sarah Jones (Harry Styles, Hot Chip, Pillow Person) and Anthony Silvester (XX Teens).