Francesca M Taylor Spring/Summer 2013 collection is entitled ‘Some Men Fight, While Others Dance’.

She wanted to explore and play with were archetypal representations of Men. How a man becomes aggressive, his passion, his sexuality, his natural instinct of protection.

Francesca looked at everything from bare knuckle boxing to danseurs, gang related imagery to warriors. To translate this into something tangible and beautiful she used the principles of tension, strength and sensitivity and translated them into my fabrics. Rich, sumptuous brocades, wool silk mix shirting, textured silks and the key feature of the collection being the use of stainless steel chainmail. The print was developed from Francesca’s own images of the battered, barren landscape flying over Minnesota.
In terms of silhouette, she wanted to mix both tailoring and gang inspired streetwear. Francesca used information and skills that she acquired during her internships at Orchel-Read (London), Jeremy Scott (Los Angeles, CA) and Givenchy (Paris) as well as own design aesthetic to mould the collection.