For Fall/Winter 2023, Givenchy introduces a fresh perspective on a beloved heritage handbag: the Pandora. This iconic accessory, now reimagined under the creative vision of Matthew M. Williams, is available in both nylon and leather, boasting distinctive details that capture the essence of modern luxury.

The new Pandora bags for men are offered in two sizes, a choice of materials, and a selection of versatile colors. Whether you opt for the small or medium size, you can indulge in the luxurious appeal of leather or the understated elegance of nylon, all presented in classic black or khaki. And for those seeking the ideal of uniqueness, a large version adorned with camouflage patterns and distressed accents, as showcased on the Fall/Winter 2023 runway, is exclusively available through Givenchy’s made-to-order service.

The new Pandora bag for men is available both in-store and online shelves. Prices vary, with the small Pandora ranging from 950 euros for nylon to 1,500 euros for leather, and the medium Pandora priced between 1,400 euros for nylon and 1,800 euros for leather. The large camouflage Pandora is available upon request through the made-to-order service, reflecting its exclusive nature in the Givenchy collection.

Check it out below: