Gustav Aschenbach, or von Aschenbach, as his official surname had been since has fiftieth birthday, had taken another solitary walk from his apartment in Munich’s Prinzregentenstrafie on a spring afternoon of the year 19..” the incipit of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice helps us to introduce the 2014 S/S Collection that Filippo Scuffi has presented in Milan during the MMFW. He was in backstage ready to welcome us, surrounded by his young lords… Notes of violins in the air… A few lines to tell his story and we enchanted there to listen to…


Fucking Young! – Good evening Filippo! What has inspired this Collection?

Filippo Scuffi – The Collection is inspired by Death in Venice, even if in our case it isn’t the Austrian baron that goes into the City of the Doges but an English gentleman… It’s always him, the character of Thomas Mann’s book but “translated” into English.


FY! – The collection’s iconic item?

FS – The Sponge Tuxedo.


FY! – Filippo Scuffi’s and Daks’ 2014 summer coulour?

FS – For me, absolutely white… Always! For this collection? White again!


Thanks a lot!


You can see Daks’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection here!