Feng Chen Wang deserves a hand. Although she might be ahead of herself, as she had a pile of inflatable ones at the center of her catwalk. They also make fabulous crossbody bags and backpacks. (Who knew?) “I’m using hands to show the connection to your other half,” she said. Adding new meaning to the phrase finding yourself.

But it being Feng Chen Wang she didn’t stop there. Clothing was stitched together, shirts were draped over one another and Levi’s had additional legs. Part of an ongoing collaboration. And speaking of collaborations, Wang debuted a sure to be coveted collab with Converse. Spliced and dyed Chuck 70’s.

“My role is both as a creative director and a businesswoman,” Wang said. “It’s about balance. Being a designer is totally different from being a brand.” She’s grown over the years.
This season she also introduced womenswear into the mix. A natural evolution it seems. While Wang still remains a fledgling designer amongst her competitors, namely Craig Green, it is without a doubt that she is the designer to watch at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. “We do have some things that are a bit crazy and some that are wearable,” she concluded. And trust me, these are clothes you’ll want to wear!