Feng Chen Wang breaks the mold with her modern and futuristic fashion. She transforms traditional techniques and crafts into something new and exciting.

The Bamboo bag is a signature piece of her brand. It represents the spirit of bamboo, a plant that is curious, resilient, and self-disciplined. The bamboo for these bags comes from Feng’s hometown, Fujian, and other regions in China. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, reaching up to 89cm per day. It is also very eco-friendly, as it does not need pesticides, chemicals, or replanting. It helps to reduce water use, soil erosion, and carbon emissions.

Feng Chen Wang works with local Asian communities to support the bamboo industry. She partners with local artisans who have years of experience in working with bamboo. They create jobs, empower women, and boost the local economy.

These bags take three months to make. They involve many steps, such as cutting, shaping, polishing, oiling, gluing, and arranging the bamboo strips. Each bag is a masterpiece of skill and dedication.

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection features the Bamboo Bag in different shapes: Square, Cylinder, Oval, and the new Heart. These shapes reflect Feng’s vision of strength, flexibility, and resilience in her fashion.

Check it out below: