The Finnish saga continues with the return to Florence of Rolf Ekroth and Terinit, for a joint special event.

Rolf Ekroth is one of the most talented Finnish designers: the Aalto University graduate was a Hyères Fashion Festival finalist in 2016 and participated to Guest Nation Finland at Pitti Uomo.

Terinit is an old Finnish sporting label established in 1949 that played an important part in building the brand of Finnish winter sports and national identity.

After the success of their collaboration at Pitti Uomo last January, as part of the Palazzo Finlandese program, the two are teaming up again for a new special presentation.


When did your passion for fashion start?

In my early thirties. It was like a normal route. When I was a teenager I was most interested in sports. I tried everything and then by chance, when all this failed, I focused on clothing. So it happened by accident that I tried to be a fashion designer and I decided to do my best. My brand was born basically straight out of school. I participated in competitions and festivals, I get to LaFayette Gallery Collections,I was a Hyères Fashion Festival finalist in 2016 and participated to Guest Nation Finland at Pitti Uomo and then I had my own brand.


Who is your typical customer?

We’re trying to figure it out. We’ve done 2 seasons, this is the third time we’re a sort of figuring this out. He can be everyone.



Your items are contemporary but, according to you, what is the future of fashion?

People just do whatever they want; they should be free to express themselves. I like to draw certain types of clothes because they make me feel a bit cooler, nicer, modern. I hope people will have the chance to be free.


How did the collaboration with Terinit start?

They were just waiting for the right time and the right designer and they found I was the right one. It’s not for everyone to have two labels so it’s going really well for me!



Which is the key piece of the collection?

I really like winter jackets: they’re my passion and we have a great graphic team. I think the key piece is the parke, with the hookey shoulder. I like combinig sporty parts with streetwear garments.


What is really fucking young?

That’s me on Facebook!

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