Diversity, Inclusion, Shared Values.

This is a time of great social change. We are evolving, and every time, more voices have something to say. From the union of passionate and experienced workers from the fashion and beauty industry is born: Fashion Minority Alliance. A company with one clear goal: to develop a roadmap that ensures that the inclusion and diversity of its forward-looking partners becomes a positive reality. Want to know more about them?

Its creators recognize the challenges faced by minority communities, part of which they all form. They all share values of diversity and inclusion, but for their voice and message of plurality to be powerful and reach larger spaces they need invaluable voices to facilitate, motivate, and advocate for their ideas. This is why the Fashion Minority Alliance was born and provides an opportunity for emerging talents and companies to continue to work on changing the established system.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world… in fact, it is the only thing that ever has,” said Margaret Mead. That’s why this group of voices works together to plan and think tactically for short and long-term goals in order to give those minorities access to an industry like beauty and fashion.

You may be wondering what they do. Well. This is an initiative made up of different activities that support and work on promoting and boosting the career of young people belonging to minorities. From workshops on equality and diversity, scholarships that will underpin the next generation of creative talent, one-on-one incubation programs and mentors to match minority students with industry professionals, to bootcamps where students can talk to industry professionals and connect emerging talent with established industry people and job listings.

This is the time to start and we should not wait any longer. Change is at hand for those working to make it happen. The Fashion Minority Alliance is part of that change. Together we could end inequality, exclusion, classism, and racism faced by historically marginalized minorities. From Fucking Young! we invite you to take a look at FMA Programm. Stay tuned, because it is time to Fucking Change! 


Find out more about this organization and the opportunities it offers at fashionminorityalliance.com

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