Farah‘s latest drop for this season channels the iconic vibes of Milan’s ’80s sartorial subculture, the “Paninaro” youth. This curated collection dives into the classics that defined their unique style – think wadded jackets, bombers, and vintage Italian sports brand-inspired knits, all with a fresh Farah twist.

The color palette keeps it legit with varsity classics like navy, red, and deep green, sprinkled with cream, beige, and light sand neutrals, spiced up by hints of dark rose and lavender.

In sync with the collegiate flair of those Paninaro days, the collection rocks statement outerwear. Heavyweight wadded coats and 100% organic twill cotton blousons, decked out with borg collar detailing, take the lead. And don’t sleep on those retro-printed shirts – we’re talking camo reimagined, heavyweight denim stripes, and slick baby corduroy, all served up in a color-block, panel long-sleeve shirt.

Check out the collection below:


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