Virgo season is here which always means the last days of summer. As a Virgo, I’m obsessed with planning which means even my skincare regimes are up for analysis. I’ve spent the past few months breaking away from topical chemicals for a more organic approach and started to use woods_ copenhagen at the start of summer. The simplicity and minimalism of woods_ copenhagen has seen an overall improvement on my texture and natural glow. I finally feel at the state where my skin has been regenerated.

Just as our moods change with the seasons, we are learning more and more that our skin does too as it reacts differently to change in temperature and lifestyle. As we transition to fall, there are some basic steps to transition.

The air is slowly becoming less humid and dryer, this means a need for thicker creams and serums. Just as you move to thicker moisturizers, it also becomes the season where adding eye cream and lip protection is essential. Also due to the colder nature, you need to cut back or cut our exfoliants. For a brighter complexion, as it gets darker outside, I’ve learned that now is the time where introducing vitamins to our skin plays a crucial role. Here is a round-up of our favorite new tried and tested products for fall.

Editor’s Picks Fall Essentials from Woods Copenhagen:

Daily Foaming Cleanser

Complex Eye Cream

Instant Repair Balm

Restoring Antioxidant Hand Lotion

Vitamin Face Oil

Vitamin E Serum

Lip Repair