Taking inspiration from vintage Coca-Cola vendor wear and the 50th anniversary of Coke’s iconic “It’s the Real Thing” campaign, Japanese label FACETASM is unveiling a new capsule collection as part of its Fall/Winter 2019 line.

The FACETASM x Coca-Cola capsule is inspired by designer and founder Hiromichi Ochiai’s visit to The Coca-Cola Company’s archives in Atlanta, where he immersed himself in 20th-century era industrial wear fashions. The 22 piece collection – featuring tees, hoodies embroidered caps, jackets, shorts, and pants – reconstructs looks of the time in a modern day context. The collection also draws directly from Coke’s “It’s the Real Thing” campaign, which launched in 1969 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Hiromichi Ochiai says, “Coca-Cola is loved by everyone and collaborating with such a brand is a big opportunity for FACETASM. It enables us to show our collection to an even larger audience. This project is a mashup of street and luxury. We hope consumers enjoy the vibe created by the two totally different companies coming together on this collaboration.