For Spring 2017, Études has invited artist Colin Snapp to conceptualize and produce a short film to announce the arrival of their latest collection.

The brand’s tenth collection bases itself around the desire to retreat into the undefined landscape, allowing time for exploration, and discovering the place where the urban and rural coexist peacefully: where the sidewalk meets the grass.

Similar parallels can be observed in Snapp’s work. Often addressing the notion of tourism and the documentation of traveling as act, Colin manipulates the viewer’s perspective through a thoughtful conceptual process. Using glass lens filters and a practice known as re-photography, Snapp (who has previously collaborated on two publications with Études Books) creates a series of dualistic imagery that is both simultaneously static and in motion.

In his evocative short film, shot on location in Los Angeles and featuring an original soundtrack by Jean Benoît Dunckel (member of the French duo Air) the artist creates a half-waking world of uncertainties and sharp contrasts. Snapp’s piece serves to echo the Spring collection’s central ethos of exploration and the notion of defining a “new geography.”

Take a look below: