Estelita Mendonça unveiled its Fall/Winter 2021 collection titled “Raver Camping”, during Portugal Fashion.

Given the current situation, we worked and re-worked the brand’s image and identity, allying it with the utopian freedom from the 90’s Raves The main concepts are the freedom of expression to be and dance in community. The very idea of reworking the camping tent as textile protection, dome or portable habitat makes perfect sense in this moment of social isolation. In this way, we worked on the two antagonistic concepts, finding points of union that become the final image. In terms of video, we intend to use as a reference the Documentary video “Gaber Dance” where the German Ravers’ dance movements of the ’90s are presented, aiming to present our collection in movement in the body of the “raver” dancer. The idea of “camping”, “isolation” and “Portable habitat” is explored by the juxtaposition of these dance plans with plans of the illuminated and isolated tent where this rave for 1 would take place.

Video: Vasco Mendes assisted by Pedro Santamarinas
Models: Alexandre Canelhas (L’agence) Mario Calisto
Photos: Miguel Prata @m_barrabas
Styling: Simão Bolivar
Music: Alster by Aqua Matrix
Creative Direction: Estelita Mendonça
Supported by Portugal Fashion
Special Thanks to: Eduardo Vascov, Joao De Almeida, Sara Didier, Mario Calisto, Antonio Mendonça