AMIRI’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection brings a fresh take on casual elegance. It’s all about the chill vibes of California meeting the easy-going style of Europe’s beach clubs. The campaign, shot by Hart Leshkina and styled by Gro Curtis, shows off a laidback beach hangout where the clothes are all about comfort with a touch of class.

The collection has a cool soundtrack of house music covers and is all about that endless summer feeling. Think lightweight fabrics and relaxed fits, like linen suits that are easy to wear and silk outfits with AMIRI’s bandana prints. They’ve also got some creative twists on classic pieces, like leather baseball jerseys and blazers with the AMIRI logo, plus a set with a blue check pattern that looks like pool water.

The vibe of the collection is young and sophisticated, with thrift-shop finds turned into something special. The colors are inspired by the beach, with soft pinks, deep blues, bright reds, and light greens. There’s even a varsity jacket that’s been turned into a piece of art with a hand-painted beach scene from Malibu.

The collection’s designs reflect the beachy setting, with tropical florals, palm tree embroidery, and wave patterns that remind you of Malibu’s surf. It’s all about capturing those perfect summer moments and the laidback lifestyle by the sea.

Check it out below: