For the latest beach capsule designed by Kim Jones, Dior and Birkenstock join forces once again to unveil their reinvented iconic models. Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite Dior by Birkenstock Tokio mules and Milano sandals, adorning suede dyed in the vibrant hues of the season: yellow, khaki, and green. These remarkable creations effortlessly merge summer elegance with unparalleled comfort, showcasing a functional style enhanced by rubber details and industrial buckles reminiscent of the renowned saddle bag, now gleaming in a mesmerizing silver rendition.

Born from an unparalleled creative dialogue, the soles of these coveted treasures seamlessly blend the iconic Oblique Dior motif with the signature bone print of the revered German brand. A contemporary masterpiece paying homage to both function and refinement, epitomizing the convergence of diverse areas of expertise.

Take a look below: