E.A. 1/1 S.V. unveiled its Spring/ Summer 2018 campaign, captured by the lens of Ivan Slipčević.

The collection is called “Rust Bloom” and results from applying a specific technology in fabric production and combining contemporary patterns with 17th-century ones. The collection’s name summarizes the inspiration, motifs, and processes used in its production. Rust is a compound of hydrated iron oxides and results from corrosion, as the construction materials deteriorate owing to the chemical activity of fluids. The golden brown pattern on clothing has been obtained by the process of coins rusting on wet fabric or a ready garment, which means that more than 100 hours and specific circumstances were needed to produce it. Rust peels off and detaches itself from the iron surface, which is reminiscent of blooming. On the surface of garments, oversized names of protagonists from William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, supposedly written in 1610/11, have been embroidered. In Shakespeare’s times, rust was used more frequently than today, in painting as well as textile dyes. The motif of potato flower has been featured in the collection by using the screen-printing technique. Owing to a shipwreck, the potato arrived in Europe during Shakespeare’s lifetime and became a primary staple food.

Models: Bernarda Cenkovčan, Filip Fikke, Ivan Grgić, Mate Jonjić, Kristina Krajančić, Staš Mlinar, Ines Zjakić