Imagine Palm Springs in its heyday. Picture a vibrant social scene where old money mingles with the self-made elite. This is the world Drôle de Monsieur conjures for Spring/Summer 2025, a collection that channels the carefree luxury of country clubs and the audacious energy of those who shattered their exclusivity.

Drawing inspiration from photographer Slim Aarons, who captured the essence of this bygone era, Drôle creates a masterful “mix-and-no-match” aesthetic. We see echoes of a young De Niro in a suede Sahara jacket, juxtaposed with 90s-inspired prints and the signature Drôle tracksuit reinterpreted with a hint of “The Sopranos.” The collection’s leitmotif, the braid, weaves its way through the pieces, appearing on a tracksuit or adorning a leather accessory.

Check out the collection below: