Fueled by their mantra “Don’t Assume” – borrowed from a jazz LP released in the 80s – NTS has made a name for itself since its launch in 2011 as a hub for music that veers away from the mainstream. Their goal? To create a space where everyone can freely express themselves.

Dr. Martens, with over six decades of experience within subcultures, has accompanied its wearers through protests and festivals, becoming a symbol of everyday rebellion and writing pages in the books of alternative history. This legacy of nonconformity is reflected in NTS’ unconventional aesthetic, which celebrates creativity, fluidity, and authenticity.

United by a mutual desire to challenge limits and expectations, the DM’s x NTS collaboration brings a bold revamp to one of the cult classics, the smooth leather Oxford 1461 shoe. By imprinting NTS’ legendary mantra onto the shoe, a striking silhouette has been created—one that empowers its wearers, defies stereotypes, and becomes the ultimate emblem of personal autonomy.


The collaboration will be available for purchase on drmartens.com and select retailers.