Dr. Martens has always been about strength. Since 1960, their boots have been made to last, to resist, and to stand out. Their footwear has been embraced by workers, musicians, and activists who created a subcultural legacy for the brand. Their spirit inspires new wearers to feel stronger every time they put on their boots and step into the world.

But strength is not a fixed idea. It changes with the times and the people who live it. That’s why Dr. Martens is launching Made Strong, a new brand platform that celebrates the resilience of the brand and the wearers who make it alive. Made Strong is not just about their footwear, but about the stories, the communities, and the values that define the next generation. Is about strength in diversity, creativity, and inclusivity. It’s about finding strength in vulnerability, in self-expression, and in making a difference. It’s about the courage to challenge stereotypes, conventions, and expectations. It’s about the rebellion in being yourself and owning your identity.

To showcase the diverse and vibrant stories of strength that inspire them, they’ve brought together 14 people from their global community who represent the spirit of Made Strong. They are artists, activists, musicians, skaters, and more. They come from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. They share their stories of strength, their passions, and their visions for the future. They are the voices of the next generation.

The people featured are: MOTHERLAN (ONYEDI (he/him), LEO (he/him), SLAWN (he/him)), NIKO RUBIO (she/her), XIUHTEZCATL (he/him), NENE (she/her), GEETHIKA (she/her), DARAGH (he/him), SASKIA (they/she), CHLOE (she/her), ODUENYI (he/they), MAGGIE (she/they), H (they/them), Milo (he/him), Pasqualina (they/she), Seungwoo (he/him).

But Made Strong is not only about stories. It’s also about innovation. That’s why they’re proud to introduce 14XX, a new design concept that redefines what innovation means for Dr. Martens. 14XX is a radical new frontier that elevates, disrupts, and evolves their classic silhouettes. It’s a creative laboratory where they experiment with new materials, shapes, and features. It’s a place where they never fear failure and embrace the unexpected. It’s a place where they shatter preconceptions and expectations of what a DM’s boot or shoe can be.