Don Aretino’s graduate collection is inspired by the duality nature of same-sex desire in Islam through out various space and time. The Qur’an and the Hadith as the fundamental sources for Islamic living conduct chronicle ambiguous stance in regard to homosexuality. Beside illustrating homosexuality in Islam, this collection attends to show another possibility of accommodating homosexuality within Islam. By taking elements of Islamic characteristics into play, the pieces in the collection represent a fresh interpretation of homosexuality in Islam.

The collection should be understood as an attempt to deconstruct homosexuality In Islam by providing theological accommodation which detaches from the social climate of seventh century Arabia and instead focuses more on the ethical principle of freedom and social justices.

Photographer: Tomas Eyzaguirre
Creative Consultant: Tomas C. Toth
Digital Print Design Collaborator: Ziga Tomori
Make-up Artist: La Vern Marquez
Models: Joshua, Peer & Santiago