If you are a fan of music and culture, you might want to check out the pop-up store that Dizonord and Courrèges have set up in Le Marais, Paris. From January 6th to February 25th, you can discover a unique selection of records, books, magazines, and other objects that reflect the diverse and vibrant musical scenes of the past and present.

Dizonord is not your typical record store. It is a cross-cultural project that aims to explore and share the niche, pop, and underground music genres and the little-known cultural facts that surround them. Founded by Vincent Privat and Xavier Ehretsmann in 2019, Dizonord has two locations in Paris and Marseille, where it offers a hybrid retail experience that combines records, books, vintage objects, and rare or ephemeral documents for all budgets. Dizonord also organizes various cultural events, such as exhibitions, concerts, and collaborations, to showcase its eclectic and ever-evolving collection.

The pop-up store in Le Marais is a co-curation of objects imagined by Dizonord and Nicolas Di Felice, the creative director of Courrèges. Di Felice is a passionate music lover who grew up in the midst of the Belgian rave scene of the 90s and 2000s, and he has infused his personal and professional vision with the musical and cultural influences that shaped him. The pop-up store features a hand-picked musical selection that focuses on electronic and experimental music, as well as an array of printed objects that cover various themes, such as:

Rave culture and counter-culture: The store celebrates the history and legacy of the rave movement, which emerged as a form of social and artistic expression in the late 80s and early 90s. You can find books, flyers, magazines, and zines that document the rave culture in different countries and contexts, such as Julia von Dorpp’s ‘Ex-Tracts’, Seana Gavin’s ‘Spiralled’, Vinca Petersen’s ‘No System’ and ‘Future Fantasy’, and Gabber Eleganza’s ‘Archivio’.

Fashion: The store also pays tribute to the fashion industry and its connection to music and culture. You can browse through vintage magazines, original documents, and rare books that showcase the work and style of various fashion designers and icons, such as Courrèges, Raf Simons, Helmut Lang, and Martin Margiela.

LGBTQIA+ cultures: The store supports and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ communities and their contribution to music and culture. You can discover books, magazines, and photographic prints that capture the diversity and intimacy of queer identities and experiences, such as ‘Bad Boy Zine’, ‘Feu’, ‘Viscose’, ‘Trou Noir’, and the works of Spyros Rennt and Cha Gonzalez.

The pop-up store is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich and varied musical and cultural universe, curated by two entities that share a passion and a vision for music and culture. Whether you are looking for a new record, a vintage magazine, a rare book, or a photographic print, you are likely to find something that will inspire you, surprise you, or challenge you. Don’t miss this chance to visit the pop-up store before it closes on February 25th!

Photos by JC Vincent.
Dizonord pop-up store
119 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris
Monday to Sunday 11am to 1pm – 2pm to 7pm
Tel : +33 1 43 31 31 86