Steve Aoki’s fashion label, Dim Mak has joined forces with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release the official Dim Mak x The Powerpuff Girls collaboration – a collection of ‘90s-inspired apparel celebrating the collective nostalgia for the iconic Cartoon Network series. Drawing inspiration from the original series and the heroic, animated sisters, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, Dim Mak applies bold graphics and bright colorways across a range of classic silhouettes.

The Powerpuff Girls take girl power to the next level. The fierce superpowered-sisters are continuously teaching the value of independence, empowerment, and courage while also breaking down gender stereotypes and uplifting others. The Dim Mak x The Powerpuff Girls collaboration celebrates individuality and the heroes in our daily lives as we come together as a community to do our part and to help one another:

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup fight for justice and defeat the bad guys all while being unapologetically themselves. Raised by women, my superheroes were my mother and my sisters. To value kindness, compassion, and lead with empathy but also stand and fight for the values integral to you was their code. They taught me that no matter what anyone says or does be whoever you want to be … by any means necessary!” – Steve Aoki

Designed to celebrate these ideals, the Dim Mak x The Powerpuff Girls collaboration blends custom artwork with pastel and rainbow tie-dye colorways for a super cute series of t-shirts and hoodie styles.