The ‘Neo-neoclassic campaign’ is a pop amalgam of the classical, the digital and the real. Marking the beginning of a new era for Diesel and featuring Nicola Formichetti’s foundational collection for the brand. The campaign and collection are built upon three of the timeless ‘Diesel Icons’: Leather-Rock ‘n’ Roll, Denim and Military-Utility. These three pillars are intrinsic to Diesel and are a part of the foundations of the brand today.

The campaign is a play on the notion of these contemporary ‘pop’ classics in fashion, mixed with a view of the classical in art, a new form of Diesel’s alternative spirit. Stars such as Colton Haynes and Kiko Mizuhara sit easily beside the cast of characters from models and actors to musicians and mere internet cast mortals – punctuated by muscle-bound, ‘glitched’ and abstracted male nudes. All are part of the new, democratically ‘glitched’, global community of Diesel.

The campaign is a playful rifling through pivotal remembered images for both Nicola Formichetti and Nick Knight and a sophisticated forming of something new through the digital medium.

The new vision of the brand is strong for both men and women, it is a united vision,” says Nicola Formichetti. “There are groups of boys and girls, slick and street, it all feels even. This is a mixture of people found in digital space as well as actors, models and musicians; it’s an inclusive pop vision of all different kinds of people who are true to themselves. The casting is a big part of what we do at Diesel; it’s the forming of a new kind of tribe.”