This season David Catalan draws his inspiration from the tailoring of British school uniforms prevalent in the 60s and 70s. Besides the smartness of the attire, he was equally captivated by the versatility and comfort values of the English dress code.

With this collection, you can see him deconstructing the preppy elements and reimagining these design details with his utilitarian sensibilities. Bringing denim to the picture, he brings a roughness to something handsome. His renditions of casual suitings, denim tracker jackets, overshirts and oversized denim trousers speak to the present. The sense of freshness comes from his experimentation of proportions with diagonal lines to his magnified placements of rhombus motifs that refer to rhombus knitted vests fashioned by schoolboys from that era.

In true David Catalan spirit, he pays homage to his working-class roots by offering wearable fashion pieces with a dose of humor and escapism.