In the wake of significant challenges including the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war which has heavily impacted production and logistics, Syndicate continues to innovate by integrating themes of survival, resilience, and the complex emotions involved in modern relationships. The collection features bold, thematic elements such as textual prints derived from real-life break-up phrases embodying the irony and emotional depth of contemporary dating narratives.

Some of the collection prints were created in collaboration with Magalie Heroux – a London-based graphic designer, the “Dating Olympics” collection employs a mix of early 2000s aesthetics with simple, impactful fonts and ironic slogans, capturing a nostalgic yet fresh vibe. The use of heat-reactive techniques further enriches the tactile experience, emphasizing the warmth and connection that are essential to human interaction.

Shot by the Icelandic photographer and frequent Björk collaborator Vidar Logi, who’s known for his distinctive style that blends natural landscapes with human elements, the “Dating Olympics” campaign is the perfect visual ode to the creative vision of the Syndicate founders Taras and Iryna.

With this collection, Syndicate not only addresses the hardships faced by many due to the current geopolitical situation but also celebrates the enduring human spirit to love and connect, even in times of adversity. The “Dating Olympics” is more than a fashion statement—it’s a testament to the resilience and adaptability of love.

Check out the collection below:

Photography: Vidar Logi
Styling: Ira Vasylevska & Magalie Heroux
Casting & Production: Andriy Zozulya, Taras Schevchuk
Hairstylist: Ruth Javy
Make Up Artist: Martina de Rosa
Models: Sleeze McQueen, Dylan Proudfoot, Olive Harvey
Assistant: Tony Poly