On the winding path of relationship-building, we, human beings, have racked up quite disheartening results among mammals- such a fuck up-. We’ve been spending ages picking petals off a daisy, looking for the right chemical reaction- something explosive like Potassium Chlorate plus a gummy bear! Never played Little Chemist?- and bringing along our best springtime hormones- many add on some drops of a precious cologne!- to make a play for someone—someone is generally the wrong one-. But, in spite of the efforts, we’re still not able to wisely pull off a happily ever after mission.

In 2012, the then broken-hearted David Vermeulen- whose love plans fell through- with founding mates Serge Samusya and Michael Krayenhoff created the Inner Circle; the app offers an elite on-line venue for dating experiences among people sharing interests, backgrounds and lifestyle. Being developed to alter the dating landscape for the better, the Inner Circle perfectly captures the experiential aspects of social interaction. The entrepreneurial spirit of IC’s co-founders and the strong commitment of the in-house team aim to outpace other dating services by qualitatively, not quantitatively, assigning dating prospects to device adequate matches for each member.


The exclusive circle, packed with quality-guarantee heterosexual bachelors and bachelorettes, is one of the most ambitious project expanding worldwide with networks in Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Milan and Paris, so far—New York seems to be the next and first out-of-Europe city according to schedule. Furthermore, the Inner Circle takes its members out on dates on a monthly basis across the big-city night life’s hotspots to let down the cyberbarriers and allow people to pull moves on offline.

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