Daisy Mortem is one of the wildest, raving, and experimental projects making waves in the French underground. Their newest single is a reference to Quignard who believed that humanity’s greatest fear is not death, but our genesis: Daisy Mortem releases the anxiety and spiraling of this fear through “La Nuit Sexuelle”.

Their new visual work takes the form of a hunt in a dreamlike setting merged with blurry loincloths and queer characters. “La Nuit Sexuelle” is the last episode of a music video tryptic exploring the theme of cryptic mysteries, also comprised by the videos “Arêtes” and “L’accident est inévitable“.

Their debut album Fait Divers released via Napp Records is already available and it’s an intriguing genre-bending lurking body of work.
Watch “La Nuit Sexuelle” below: