Although Kim Jones has confessed that he is not nostalgic, he knows the value of a brand’s original DNA and has keen insight into how to honor its future. In his first Converse collection, he reflects on the archetypes of the latest streetwear, each one of the classic pieces of American sportswear, and offers a contemporary perspective from head to toe. This design approach is built into the Chuck 70 – the focal point of the collection – and blends the understated functionality of streetwear with the characteristics of American sportswear. Built from the ground up with the Converse design team, Jones has experimented with the classic’s most distinctive lines.

The approach to the design of the sneaker was very straightforward: taking a very classic silhouette and proceeding to enclose it in something to protect it,” says Jones.

Among the defining characteristics of this sneaker – which will go on sale for a price of 160 Euros – are the elongation and curvature of the rubber midsole to create an illusory lift effect, as well as the creation of a transparent TPU cage. The collection is completed with four pieces: a parka, a round neck sweatshirt, cargo trousers, and a T-shirt. “Each of the pieces has a simple look,” says Jones. “I wanted each one to be a modern version of the ‘Take Ivy’ vibe.”

The Converse x Kim Jones campaign, which has been photographed by Juergen Teller, is intended to reflect the way clothing is worn today. Converse x Kim Jones is available on