Ragz Originale​ made a strong start to the year with the release of his highly anticipated mixtape ​WOAH​. ​Singles such as ‘​ring out​’, ‘​OG lullaby​’, and ‘​brush u​’ have created a buzz around the multidimensional artist.

The canon of music that features on this project further cements Ragz as a leader of the underground scene with a rich and sophisticated palette, fusing elements of rap, R&B, and alternative electronic music. ‘​mirrors​’ is an atmospheric opener with its nuanced soundscapes and dreamy vocals from ​Laura Groves​. ‘​OG lullaby​’ is a deliciously modern R&B song, in hushed tones, Ragz sings about the pitfalls that come with growing success over a timeless yet forward-thinking beat. ‘​nightcap​’ sees Ragz effortlessly go back and forth with up and coming rapper, ​John Glacier ​on what may be one of his catchiest tracks to date whilst the slick ‘​send 4 u​’ is a moody ode to after hour calls and late-night lovers whilst ‘​brush u​’ is a sultry brand of West African influenced R&B oozing with rich harmonies and island vibes. The futuristic bounce of ‘​ring out​’ featuring one of London’s latest talents, ​24hoursav​ sees Ragz maneuvering into exciting new areas with its pulsating deep bass and mystifying sounds with the mixtape closing with the twinkling, dream-like sounds of ‘​low frequency​’.

How did you find music? Did you grow up in a musical household, or are you first generation?

My whole house was full of music, there’s no way I could escape it.
My dad was a jazz bass player, my mother sang in the church choir, and my sisters polluted the house with R&B albums…So yeah, no escape for me!

While I was listening ‘WOAH’ I wondered, which decades of music influenced you the most and why. Can you name your favorite R&B/Soul artists who inspire you constantly?

My favorite era of music has to be the 80’s hands down. Although I wasn’t alive to witness it, it’s the only era I’m jealous of! I love how euphoric music sounded, super melodic but at the same time explosive. From the R&B, pop, rock, disco, ALT…Yeah, that whole era is the reason I create.

What story are you trying to convey with ‘WOAH’ mixtape? What makes it unique?

I made WOAH during lockdown as a way to slip back into routine after life had changed. WOAH is all the energy I had bottled inside of me, coated with extra sugar, gently for your eardrums! Although we are still in lockdown, WOAH gives you access to the wildest party in your brain.

Your single “Mirrors” with Laura Groves sounds very deep. Tell us a little bit about the story behind it.

Mirrors is a tale of a man on the come-up, battling his demons before everything takes off for him! Dub music is my other influence minus the ’80s… My whole career I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate that! Glad I finally got to do that alongside my favorite artist EVER, Laura Groves!

What is the meaning behind 4 A.M. from ‘WOAH’?

4AM is the song you play in your uber, on the way to your lover, drunk, at 4 am. Well it doesn’t have to be your lover…
Anyway, it’s the booty call specialist anthem!

When you’re not recording and performing, what other hobbies make you tick?

Away from the studio, I’m a serial series binger. Cinema like once or twice a week depending on what’s showing… and bowling 3 times a week. Bowling is actually my next career if I ever get bored of music.

What particular song you have written resonates with you the most?

My favorite song of all time is probably ‘Remedy’, which is on my previous project, ‘txt ur x’. That may be the most transparent I’ve ever been on a song.

How you do approach making music? What’s your process?

I normally start with the melody… melody is the queen of all queens. The drums are next to catch the bounce… then a BAD bassline to gell it together!

What have you been cooking up in terms of music for other artists?

I can’t speak much on what’s to come, but just know 2021 is going to be a great year, oh yeah me and my collective Mini Kingz are finally putting out a record, that I can say!

How the pandemic situation affected your career and how did you overcome this challenge?

The pandemic set me back a year or so in things I was supposed to have done. I missed out on a few festivals and my headline show’s been pushed back 3 times now… What can you do though, I can’t cry. This life won’t defeat me!

Since releasing his debut album​ ​Nature in 2018, the only way has been up for the Ivor Novello nominee who has consistently demonstrated his rare ability to make timeless music that’s uncompromised by current musical trends, yet feels easily accessible and sounds fresh with every listen. He has gone on to co-found the innovative ​Mini Kingz movement with ​Oscar #Worldpeace ​and ​BenjiFlow​, a collective putting out some of the most refreshing and exciting music out right now, release an acclaimed, hyper-focused EP, ​txt ur x​ which featured a stellar line-up of guest artists such as ​Sam Wise, Mansur Brown ​and ​ELIZA​ and produced for likes of ​Skepta​, ​FKA Twigs​, SOPHIE​ and moreover the years.